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New on 14 March 2020: Shell, ovum, fertilisation and lots more Egg Vocabulary.


Words beginning with A: abdomen and abdominal, abiotic factors, absentee parenting, acid, acid rain, acorn, actually vs now or currently, adder, adequate vs satisfactory, adrenaline, -ae- vs -e-, aeration, affluent, agaric, agribusiness, agriculture, air, albatross, albedo, albino, albumen (egg white), alcohol, alder (Alnus), algae, alkaline vs base, alkaloid, allelopathy (juglone etc), Allen's rule, allomone, allergy/allergic/allergen, allopatric speciation, alluvial, altitude, altruism, American vs British spelling, amino acid, amateur, amber, ambush, ammonia, AMOC, amoeba, amphibian, amphipod, anadromous, anaerobic, ancestor, ancient woodland, anecdotal, angiosperm, angler and angling, animal, animal adjectives, animal collective nouns, animal noises, annual plant, annelid worm, anoxic, ant and anthill, ant lion, antenna, anther, anthocyanins, anthropomorphism, anthropocentric, anthropocene, anthropogenic, anthropophobe, anthropophile, antibiotics, antifouling, antifreeze, antlers, anxiety, apex predator, aphid, apple, appearance vs apparition, appeasement display, aquaculture, aquatic, aquifer, arachnid, aragonite, aragonite compensation depth, arboreal, arboriculture, Archaeopteryx, arthropod, arum lily, asexual reproduction, ash, ash trees and disease, Atlantic ocean, atmosphere, auk, -austral-, autolysis, autotroph and autotrophic, autumn, available vs disposable, avian, avocet

Words beginning with B: baby, baby animal names, backswimmer, badger, bamboo, bark, bark beetle, barn, barn owl, barn swallow, barnacle (acorn), barnacle (goose), barotrauma, baseline survey, basic, to bask, bat, Batesian mimicry, beach, beach varnish, beak or bill, bean, a bear, to bear, beast, beaver, bee, beech, beetle, behaviour, belladonna, benthic, benthos, berry, Beringia, biennial plant, Big 5, binomial nomenclature, bioaccumulation, biocenosis, biochemical oxygen demand or BOD, biocide, biodegradable, biodiversity, biofilm, biofuel, biogenic (carbon, silica, sediment), biogeography, biology, biological community, biological weathering, bioluminescent, biomagnification, biome, biomineralisation, biotic factors, biotope, birch, bird, bird of prey, birth, bitch - see male and female animal names, bite vs sting, bittern, bivalve, black locust, black sheep, blackbird, blackcock, blackthorn, blackwater, bladder, bladder wrack, bladderwort, bloom, blossom, blowfly, bluebottle, blue moon, blue sky thinking, boar (Sus scrofa), boar - see male and female animal names, bog (wetland), bog cotton or cottongrass, bolete, bonding, bone, bone vs cartilage, boreal, boring and tunneling, bracket fungus, brackish, brain, bramble, a breed, to breed, branch, breathing vs respiration, a breed, to breed, bridge, broadcast, brood, broadleaf, brood, browser, bryophyte, bryozoan, bubble, buck - see male and female animal names, bud, bug, bulb - see vegetative reproduction, bull - see male and female animal names, bumblebee, bunt order vs hook order, buoyancy, burrow, bush, bushmeat, buttercup, butterfly, buzzard

Words beginning with C: cache, caddisfly, calcite, calcium, calcium carbonate, calf - see baby animal names, cambium, camouflage, canal, canine, canopy, capercaillie, capillary action, carapace, carbon, carbon cycle, carbon dating, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon offset, carbon sequestration, carbon sink, carbon trading, calcite compensation depth, carbonic acid, carcinogen, carp, carr (wetland), carrion, cartilage, cat, catadromous, catchment area, caterpillar, catkin, cave or cavern, cell, cellulose, celsius vs centigrade, Cenozoic era, centipede, cephalopod, cereal (wheat, barley, rice, oats, etc), cetacean, chalk, chameleon, cheating, chestnut, chick - see baby animal names, chicken, chitin, chlorophyll, -chory - see seed dispersal, chough, chrysalis, -cide, circulation, circumpolar, CITES, citizen science, cilium/cilia vs flagellum/flagella, cleaning, clearing, cladistics, claw, clay, clearcutting, cliff, climate, climate change, climate sceptic/skeptic, climax stage, climax vegetation, climber, cloaca, clone and clonal reproduction, cloud, clover, coal, coccolithophore, cock - see male and female animal names, cockchafer, cockle, cockroach, cocoon, coherent vs consistent and logical, cold, cold blooded, cold shock, colic, to colonise, commensal, common (frequent), common (communal, shared), communication, competence vs skill, competition, condensation, conditioning, cone (on conifer), cone (shape), conflict, conifer, confirmation bias, consciousness, conservation, continent, continental shelf, convection, convergent evolution, continental climate, continental shelf, convergent evolution, cookie cutter shark, coot, copepod, coppicing, coral, core sampling, cork, corm - see vegetative reproduction, cormorant, corncrake, corvid, cosmopolitan, costly signalling, countershading, courtship, cow - see male and female animal names, crab, crane, crane fly, creation, creationism, creeper, crepuscular, cricket, crop (bird), crop (farm), crow, crow family, crustacean, crypt- (cryptic, cryptobiotic etc), crystal, cub - see baby animal names, cuckoo, curiosity, current, cuticle, cuttlefish, cyanobacteria, cypris or cyprid, cyto-

Words beginning with D: dab, daisy, damage vs injury, damsel fly, dandelion, dark, Darwin, dawn, dawn chorus, day (lunar), day (solar), DDT, decay, deciduous, decomposition, decomposer vs detritivore, decoy, deep scattering layer, deer, delta, demersal, demographics, demoiselle, den, dendro-, dendrochronology, density, dentition, deposition, depression, desert, desiccation, design and strategy, detergent, dew, detritus, detritivore, diatom, dicot or dicotyledon, diffusion, dimorphism, dinosaur, diploid, dipnoi, discover vs explore, disease, disgust, dispensable, dispersal (plants), dispersal (freshwater fish), display, dissolved gases, dissolved oxygen, distraction display, to dive, diver or loon, diving bell spider, divergent evolution, DNA, dodder, dodo, dog (Canidae), dog - see male and female animal names, doe - see male and female animal names, dolomite, dolphin, dolphin rescue, domestication, dominance and dominant, dormancy and dormant, dormouse, dorsal, down, dragonfly, drift, drone, droppings, drought, drupe, Dryas, drosophilae, drupe, dry rot, duck, duckling - see baby animal names, duel, dune, dung, dunlin, dunnock, dusk, dust, dwarf, DYC

Words beginning with E: eagle, ear, early-flowering plants, earth vs soil vs ground vs dirt, earthquake, earthworm, earwig, ebb tide, echolocation, eclipse plumage, ecological niche, ecological pyramid, ecological services, ecology, ecosystem, ecosystem services, ecotourism, eco-anxiety, eco-rage, eco-sceptic or skeptic, ectoparasite, ectothermic - see cold-blooded, edible, education vs pedagogy, educational vs didactic, eel, effluent, egg, eggshell, egg white, egret, eider, elder, elephant, elasmobranch, elver, electrofishing, elytra, electrolyte, electro-fishing, elephant, elk, elm, embryo, emotion, endearments, endemic, endangered species, endomycorrhiza, endoparasite, endothermic - see warm-blooded, energy storage, employment, entomology, environment, enzyme, EOL (Encyclopedia of Life), ephemeral, equinox, ermine, erosion, estivation or aestivation, estrus or oestrus, estuary, ethics, ethology, eu-, euphotic vs photic, Eurojargon (action, coherence, didactic, valorise, etc), eusocial, eutrophication, evaporation, eventually vs possibly, evergreen, evidence vs proof, evolution, ewe - see male and female animal names, exoskeleton, experiment vs experience, exploit vs develop, extant, extinction, exuvium, eye, eyrie

Words beginning with F: facultative vs obligate or obligatory (symbiosis, anaerobe, marine stage, etc), fahrenheit, fairy ring, falcon, fall, family, fang vs tooth, fat, fatal, fawn - see baby animal names, feather (flight feathers and down), feral, fern, ferret, fertile, fertilisation, fertiliser, fieldfare, fight or flight, filter feeder, fen (wetland), fertile, fertilisation, fertiliser, field, field capacity, fin, finch, fingerling, fir, fire, firefly, fish, fish louse, fisherman, flagellum/flagella vs cilium/cilia, flatfish, flea, flick, fledged, fledgling, flehmen, flight, flightless, flint, to float, flock, flood, flood plain, flood tide, flora, flounder, flow, flower, fluff, fluke, flushes and seeps, to flutter, a fly, to fly, flycatcher, foal - see baby animal names, foetus and fetus, fog, foliage, follow, footprint, foraging, foraminifera, forest vs woodland, forever chemical, -form (vermiform, fusiform), formic acid, fossil, fossil fuel, fossil water, fox, foxglove, fouling, free market, fresh air, fresh water and freshwater, freshwater mussel, freshwater shrimp, frog, frogspawn, to freeze, frog, froghopper, frost, frugivore, fruit, fry - see baby animal names, fur, fungus or fungi, fungicide, furniture beetle

Words beginning with G: gabbro, gadfly, gait and motion, gall, game, gamekeeper, gamete, gametophyte, gannet, gape, garden, garden vs yard, garlic, gas, gas exchange, gas saturation, genes and genetics, generation, genus and genera, geothermal, germination, -gest, gestation, gigantothermy, gills, glacier, glacial, glaciated landscape, gland, a glider, to glide, globalisation, Globigerina, Glorious Twelfth, glow-worm, gneiss, goat, goat moth, goose and geese, gorilla, gorse, gosling - see baby animal names, goshawk, gossamer, gourd, graft, granite, grass, grass vs herb/herbivore, grassland, grasshopper, gravel, gravid, gravity, grazer, grebe, green revolution, green tourism, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gas, gregarious vs pair-bonded or solitary, greylag, greywater, grit, grooming, ground, groundwater, grouse, grow, growing season, growth, grub, guano, guillemot, guinea pig, Gulf Stream, gull, gut, gut flora, gymnosperm, gyre

Words beginning with H: Haber process, habitat, habituation, haemoglobin, hagfish, hail, hair, -halo and -haline, halteres, haploid, hardy and hardiness, hardiness scale (RHS and USDA), Thomas Hardy, hare, harem, harrier, harvest, harvestman spider, to hatch (eggs), hatchling, hawk, hawk moth, hazel, head, heart, heat, in heat, heath or heathland, heather, hedge or hedgerow, heliotaxis and heliotactic, heliotropism, Hemiptera, hemlock, hen - see male and female animal names, herb and herbaceous, herbicide, herbivore, heresy, hermaphrodite, hermit crab, heron, herring, heterotroph and heterotrophic, hibernaculum, hibernation, to hide, (bird) hide, hobby, hog, holdfast, hollow, holly, honey, honey bee, hoof and hooves, Holarctic region, Holocene epoch, honey, hook order vs bunt order, Hooper's rule, hops, horizon, horns, horse, horse chestnut, horsefly or cleg, horsetail, host, hound, house mouse, house spider, housefly (Muscidae), hover fly (Syrphidae), hubris, humidity, humus, hybrid, hydra, Hydrobia snail, hydrocarbon, hydrochloric acid, hydrochory - see seed dispersal, hydrogen, hydrophobic, hydrophone, hydroponics, Hydrozoa, Hymenoptera, hyperthermia, hyporheic, hypothermia

Words beginning with I: ice, ice age, ice core, icefish, ichneumon (wasp), ichthyology, igneous rock, imago, immature, immortality, immunity, impermeable, implication vs involvement, important vs significant, imprinting, Impunity Index, incisors, to incubate (eggs), incubation period (bacterial or viral infection), infection, infestation, to inflate, inflorescence, infrared, infrasound, injury vs damage, insect, insecticide, insectivore, insectivorous plants, instinct, intelligence, intelligent design vs incompetent design, intensive farming, interstadial, intertidal, -intolerant, invasive, incomers, inflorescence, infrared, insight vs trial and error, insolation, instar vs imago, instinct vs intelligence, insular, integument, intelligent design vs creationism, interbreeding, interface, interglacial, intertidal vs subtidal, invasive species, invertebrate, iridescent, island, iodine and cretinism, ion, ionosphere, iris, iron, irrigation, iso- (isobar, isotherm), isolation vs insulation, isopod, isostatic vs eustatic, ivy

Words beginning with J: jackdaw, jay, jellyfish, John Dory, jungle, juniper, Jurassic, juvenile

Words beginning with K: K-strategist, karst, katabatic vs anabatic, kelp - see Laminaria, keratin, kestrel, kid - see baby animal names, kingdom, kingfisher, kite, kitten - see baby animal names, kittiwake, kleptoparasite, knot, krill

Words beginning with L: lacewing, ladybird, lagoon, lair, lake, lamb - see baby animal names, lamina, Laminaria, lamellibranch, lamprey, land-bridge, lapwing, larch (Larix), large vs wide, lark, larva and larvae, larviparous, latitude, to lay (eggs), LBB - little brown bird, LD50, leaching, lead (Pb), lead shot, leaf and leaves, learning, leech, legume and leguminous, lek, lemming, lemon, leopard, Lepidoptera, leptocephalus, lethal and sublethal, leveret - see baby animal names, libertarian or neoliberal, lichen, life, life cycle, lifespan or longevity, light, lily, limb, lime (citrus fruit), lime (mineral), lime (linden tree), limestone pavement, limpet, linen, Linnaean, linseed, lion, lipid, litho- and -lith, litter (leaves), litter (babies), little vs small, littoral, liverwort, living creature vs living organism, lizard, loam, lobster, location or site, loess, longhorn beetle, looper or inchworm, lotic (vs benthic), louse, -loving, lugworm, lungs

Words beginning with M: mackerel, macrofauna vs microfauna and megafauna, macroscopic vs microscopic, maggot, magnetism, magnetite, magpie, male and female animal names, mallard, malnutrition, mammal, mandible, manual handling, manure, maple, maquis or chaparral, mare - see male and female animal names, marram grass, marine, marine vs maritime, marine mammal, marine nature reserve, marine protected area, maritime climate, marsh (wetland), marsupial, marten, martin, a mate, to mate, maternal, mayfly, meadow, mean, measures vs measurements, mechanisation, medusa, meerschaum, megafauna, megaflora, meiosis and meiotic, melanin, melanistic, mercury, meso-, mesic, mesarch - see succession, metabolism, metal, metamorphic rock, methane, microbiology, microclimate, microfauna and microflora, microfossil, microorganism, midden, migration, milk and lactation, millipede, mimicry and mimesis, Minamata disease, minibeast, mink, mind, minnow, mire (wetland), mistletoe, mitigation, mitosis, mobbing, modelling (or modeling), molar, mole, molecule, mollusc or mollusk, monocot or monocotyledon vs dicotyledon, monoculture and monocrop, monogamous and monandrous, moor and moorland, moorhen, moose, -morph or -morphic, morphology, mortality, mosquito, moss, moth vs butterfly, mother, motile, mould or mold, moult or molt, mouse, mucus and mucous, mud vs silt, mule, muscle and muscular, mussel, Mustelidae, mutation and mutant, mutualism, mycelium, mycorrhizal fungi, mythological creatures

Words beginning with N: nano-, nanoparticle, nanoplankton, native species, native hunts, natural environment vs natural world, natural history, natural history museum, natural selection, naturalised, naturalist, nature, nauplius, neap tide, necropsy, nectar, needle, nekton vs plankton, nematode, neo-, neoliberal or libertarian, neonate, neonicotinoid, neoteny, neritic vs littoral and pelagic, nest, nestling, nettle, New World, newt, niche - see ecological niche, nightingale, nightjar, NGO, nitrogen, nitrogen cycle, nitrogen fixation, NOAA, nocturnal, noise, noise pollution, norm vs standard or regulation, nose, NOx, nudibranch or sea slug, nut, nutrient, nymph

Words beginning with O: oak, oats, obligate or obligatory vs facultative (symbiosis, anaerobe, marine stage, etc), ocean, oceanic, octopus, Odonata, oestrus or estrus, -oid (anthropoid, asteroid, crinoid, etc), oil, old-growth forest, Old World, olive, omnivorous, ooze, opossum shrimp, opportunist, orb-web spider, orchid, organ, organelle, organic chemistry, organic farming, organic material, organism, organism vs organisation, orographic (rain, desert), osmosis and osmotic, osprey, osteo-, ostrich, otter, outcrop, ovary and ovaries, overfishing, overgrazing, overpopulation, ovine, ovi-, oviparous, ovipositor, ovoviviparous, ovum and ova, owl, oxygen, oxygen exchange, oxygen transport, dissolved oxygen, oxygenation, oyster, oystercatcher, ozone

Words beginning with P: P: pack, pack behaviour, Pacific ocean, pain, pair bonding, palaeo- or paleo-, Palaearctic region, palaeobotany, palaeoclimatology, Palaeolithic, panicle, to pant, paper, parachute, parallel evolution, parasite, parasitoid, park and parkland, parr, parrot, parthenogenesis, partial pressure, passerine and passeriform, pathogen, PCBs, peacock, peacock butterfly, pearl, peat and peatbogs (wetland), to peck, peck order or pecking order, pectoral, pedology (soil science), pedogenic, peduncle and pedunculate, pelagic, pellet (bird), percolation, peregrine (falcon), perennial plant, permeable vs impermeable, permafrost, personality, perspiration, pest, pesticide, petal, -phage, pheasant shooting, phenotypic plasticity, pheromone, -phile, phloem, phloem transport, -phobe or -phobic, Phocidae, photic, photosynthesis, phylloxera, phylum, physiology, phytoalexin, phytolith, phytoplankton, phytotoxin and phytotoxic, piddock, pigment, pike (fish), pine (tree), pig, pigeon, pike, pinniped, pistil, placenta, plankton - marine and freshwater, plant vs algae and fungi, to plant, plate tectonics, to play, Pleistocene epoch, plover, pneumostome, Poaceae, poaching and poacher, pod, poison vs venom, polarising of attitudes, polecat, pollen, pollen analysis (stratigraphical palynology), pollen tube, pollination, pollinator, pollution, polychaete worm, polygamous and polyandrous, polyp, pome fruit, pond, pond life, pond skater, pondweed, poppy, pore, porous vs permeable, porpoise, post mortem, potassium, precipitation, predator and predatory, predation, predator strategies (ambush and pursuit), to preen, pressure and partial pressure, prey, primordial vs essential, prions and spongiform encephalopathy, protein, protozoa, proxy, ptarmigan, pteri- (fern), ptero- and -ptera (wing), public sector and private sector, puddle, puff ball, puffin, puits canadien, pup or puppy - see baby animal names, pupa and pupation, python

Words beginning with Q: quail, qualitative vs quantitative, Quaternary period, queen, quota

Words beginning with R: rabbit, raceme, radiation, radioactivity, radiolarian, radiolarian ooze, rain, rain forest, rain shadow, rainfall, ram - see male and female animal names, Ramorum disease, ramshorn snail, r-strategist vs K-strategist; race vs breed, cultivar, variety, strain and subspecies; range, raptor, rat, raven, rays and skates, real world, reclamation, red tide, reed (Phragmites), reed-mace (bulrush, cattail, Typha), refection, reforestation vs afforestation, refugium/refugia, regurgitation, relationship, releaser, relict population or glacial relict, religion, remote, reproduction and reproductive, reptile, research vs search, resin, respect vs compliance, respiration, rewilding, rhizome - see vegetative reproduction, rhododendron, ria, ringing (birds), riparian, ripe, river, robin, rock, rock borer, rock dove, rockpool or tide pool, rodent, rodenticide, roe (fish etc), roe deer, rook, root, root hairs, root parasite, rose, Rosaceae, rotifer, roundworm, RSPB, ruff, ruderal, ruminant, run, runner - see vegetative reproduction, runoff, rural, rush (Juncus), rusts, rut

Words beginning with S: sac vs sack, safari, safety vs security, salamander, salmon, salinity, salt and diet, saltmarsh, samara, sand, sandbank and sandbar, sandeel, sandhopper, sandpiper, sandspit, sand dunes, sap, satellite tagging, savage vs wild, savanna, scallop, scat, scavenger, scent, schist, scale (fish, mammal), scale (temperature, Richter), scallop, scrub, scrub oak, scrub woodland or maquis, sea vs ocean, sea anemone, sea foam, sea grass, sea lettuce, sea level, sea slug, sea urchin, sea water, seagull - see gull, seahorse, seal, seashell - see shell, seashore - see shore, season, seasonal, Secchi disc, sedge (Carex), sediment, sedimentary rock, seed, seed dispersal, seed pod, selective breeding, self-fertile, selkie - see mythological creatures, sensible vs sensitive or aware, sensitive, sentiment vs emotion or feeling, sepal, sere and seral - see succession, sessile (botany), sessile (zoology), sewage, sexual reproduction, sexual selection, sexuality, extended sexuality, shade vs shadow, Shakespeare, shale, shallow, shamrock, shark, to shed, sheep, shell, shepherd, shelter, shield, shield bug, shipworm, shoal vs school, shore, shorebird, shrew, shrump, shrub, silica, silicate, silicon not silicone, silt vs sand and mud, silverfish, silviculture, Siphonophora, skates and rays, skeleton, skin, skua, skull, (dune) slacks, sleep, slime, slow worm, slug, smile, smolt, snail, snake, snare, snipe, snow, snowpack, social animal, social bond, social vs corporate, SOD or sudden oak death, soil, soil horizons (O-horizon, A-horizon, etc), soil inoculation, soil profile, soil structure, Solanaceae, solar energy, solar gain, solar radiation, solstice, solution and dissolved, song (bird or cetacean), songbird, sow - see male and female animal names, sparrow, spat, spawn (frogspawn), to spawn, species and sub-species, specific and inter/intraspecific, spermatophore, spermatozoon, sphagnum moss, speed, spider, spiracle, sponge, spore vs seed, sporophyte, sport vs cultivar, spraint, spray, spring (season), a spring (water), spring tide, squid, squirrel, stadial, stag - see male and female animal names, stag beetle, stagnant, a stalk, to stalk, stallion - see male and female animal names, stamen, starch, starfish, starling, stem, stenoecious e.g. stenohaline, steppe, sterile, a stick, to stick, stigma, still (still water, etc), stipe, stolon, stone fruit, stork, stranded, strandline, stratum and strata, strategy, stratification (water), strawberry, stream, stress, stronghold, subadult, sublethal and lethal, sublimation, submissive display, subsidies, subspecies, substrate, succession (hydrarch, hydrosere, mesarch, mesosere, xerarch, xerosere, clisere), sucker - see vegetative reproduction, suction dredging, sugar, sun, sunburn, sunshine, sundew, sunrise, sunset, surface, surface tension, survival of the fittest, sustainable, swallow, swamp (wetland), swan, to sweat - see perspiration, swell/swelling/swollen, swift, to swim, swim bladder, symbiosis and symbiotic (antagonism, competition, mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, mimicry, cleaning), symmetry

Words beginning with T: tadpole, tagging, taiga, tail, talon, tame, tannin, tapetum lucidum, tapeworm, tardigrade or water bear, -taxis and -tactic (heliotaxis, etc), taxonomy (e.g. the barnacle, the limpet, the lobster and the woodlouse), teleost, temperate, tendril, tentacle, teredo worm - see shipworm, termite, tern, terrain, terrestrial, territory, territorial, thallus, thermohaline circulation or THC, thermogenesis in plants, thermoregulation, thigmotropism and thigmomorphogenesis, think tank, thistle, thorax and thoracic, thorn vs spine and prickle, tick, tidal range, tidal current, tide, tide pool or rockpool, tiger, tinder fungus, tit(mouse), toad, toadstool, -tolerant, tooth and teeth, torpid and torpor, torrent, toxic/toxicity/toxin, tortoise, tracheae, tracks, tradition, transect, transpiration, a trap, trapdoor spider, to trawl, a trawler, treatment vs processing, tree, tree line, tree ring, tributary, trickle, troll - see mythological creatures, trophic level, trophic web, tropical, trout, truffle, tsunami, tundra, turnover or overturn of lake, turtle, tube, tuber, tubifex or sludge worm, tun, tunneling and boring, turbid vs troubled, turkey, turnover, tusk, twig

Words beginning with U: ubac and adret, ultrasonic, ultraviolet, umbel and umbellifer, undergrowth, understorey, ungulate, unimproved grassland, upwelling, urban, uterus

Words beginning with V: vapour, Varroa, varve, vascular plant, vector, vegetation, vegetative reproduction, veliger, venom vs poison, vermin, vernal, vertebrate, vestigial, veterinary, viable, vibrissae, vicariance, viper, virus, visible light, viviparous, vixen, volcano, vole, volunteer, voluntarily vs willingly, -vore (and see -phage), vulture

Words beginning with W: wader, wagtail, warm vs hot, warm blooded, warning colouration, washing, wasp, water, water boatman or backswimmer, water bear or tardigrade, water column, water cycle, water table, waterfall, waterfowl, watershed, wave, wax, way - airway, flyway, weak, weaned, weasel, weather, weathering, web, weed, weevil, wendigo, wetland, whale, wheat, whelk, whiskers, wild, wilderness, wildfire, wildfowl, wildfowling, wildlife, wildlife corridor, will o’ the wisp, willow, wind, wind-pollinated, windchill, wing, winkle or periwinkle, winter, wintering, "woke", wolf, wolf spider, wood, wood vs timber and lumber, Wood Wide Web, woodland or a wood, woodlouse or pill bug, woodpecker, woody, wool, worm, wrack, wren

Words beginning with X: xenobiotic, xenon, xenophobia, xerarch - see succession, xeric, xerophyte, xylem

Words beginning with Y: yeast, yellow, yeti - see mythological, yield, yolk, yolk sac, young, young vs youth

Words beginning with Z: zoea, zone and zonation, zoo, zoochory - see seed dispersal, zoology, zoonose, zooplankton, zygote