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G is for:

Simple definition: A game bird or game animal is one that people kill for sport.
Complex definition: Any species of bird, fish or animal is "game" if people kill it for sport AND people traditionally eat it AND you need a game licence or hunting licence before you can kill it.

In Britain, the main game birds are pheasant, partridge and grouse; the main game fish are trout and salmon; and the main game animals are deer and hares.

The fact that you can eat a game animal or bird does not mean it will be eaten. In Britain, sportsmen now shoot so many pheasants that the dead birds are often buried in the woods. Also, shooting puts thousands of tonnes of lead shot into sensitive natural environments every year. 69% of people in Britain think shooting birds for sport should be illegal (YouGov survey, 2018). However, shooting game is mainly a sport of the upper classes, so I don't think that will happen any time soon.

People also shoot squirrels, crows, pigeons, rabbits, badgers and foxes. None of these are "game", although people do traditionally eat rabbits and pigeons. They're often called "vermin". The English class system may be one reason why hares are "game" and rabbits usually aren't.
Pheasant in field
a gamekeeper

A gamekeeper's job is to protect game animals and to produce more of them for people to kill for sport. Gamekeepers kill other animals such as foxes and eagles to prevent them killing game animals. They also kill animals that compete with game animals for food; and animals such as the mountain hare that may give parasites to game animals.
Gamekeeper in wood

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